Penrith Reptile Expo 2019

our story

 Our Story
Proudly owned and operated by Jeremy & Kelly Findlay, Platinum Reptile Supplies was developed from a love for reptiles. 

After acquiring several reptiles and invertebrates of our own, we moved into breeding Pythons.  Over the years we have met several successful breeders and renowned names in the industry which have provided us with ongoing support, knowledge and encouragement.  

We took part in several Reptile exhibitions during 2017 to 2019 and commenced selling reptile supplies in 2018 and whilst we are a young business, our understanding of the needs of reptile owners, ability to provide knowledge, assistance, support and quality products at affordable prices presents a bright future. 

Our Suppliers
We currently stock products from very reputable brands such as Vetafarm, Animal & Reptile Supplies Australia and Repti-Zoo, amongst others. 

We also import products from several countries to provide our customers with a wider range of choices and to ensure we have our customers’ needs covered. 

Our breeding lines
Our core breeding pairs have come from quality and well renowned breeders in the Australian hobby.  

Our main breeding lines are comprised of Zebra, Darwin and Jungle Pythons producing various genetic combinations such as Albino, Caramel, Hypo and Axthantic Pythons.